Electric Bi Energy Booms For Hire

Electric Bi Energy Booms

With Boom type platforms that can reach up to 21m, our Electric and Bi-Energy boom range is ideal for works that require internal or external safe working at height. With most having optional power options and non-marking tracks, they lend themselves to many applications. Bi-Energy booms are ideal for:

  • Using one platform to complete internal and external works
  • Up and over applications
  • Versatility when working at height
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    • Working Height: 11m m
    • Platform Height: 9m m
    • Platform/Deck Size: m
    • Safe Working Load: 227 Kg
    • Outreach: 6.53 m
    • Weight: 6.428 Tonnes
    • Working Height: 12.2 m
    • Platform Height: 10.2 m
    • Platform/Deck Size: m
    • Safe Working Load: 200 Kg
    • Outreach: 6.10 m
    • Weight: 2860 Tonnes
    • Working Height: 15.0 m
    • Platform Height: 13.0 m
    • Platform/Deck Size: m
    • Safe Working Load: 225 Kg
    • Outreach: 9.2 m
    • Weight: 4700 Tonnes
    • Working Height: 20.8 m
    • Platform Height: 18.8 m
    • Platform/Deck Size: 1.80 x 0.85 x 1.10 m
    • Safe Working Load: 225 Kg
    • Outreach: 12.8 m
    • Weight: 6,500 Tonnes
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