70m Truck Mounted Platform and Traffic Management Newcastle - Emergency Call Out!

Published: 9th January 2015. Last updated 30th April 2015

As high winds are sweeping across the country they are causing damage to buildings in many locations. Blade Access received an out of hours emergency call last night to provide access to a building in Newcastle as some of the cladding tiles had become dislodged and fallen from the building façade.

Without delay, Blade Access dispatched a Traffic Management response team to site to ensure ‘No Parking Cones’ were deployed opposite where a 70m Truck Mounted Platform would need to be set up this morning. At the break of dawn, the Traffic Management team then set up a ‘Stop and Go Lane Closure System’ to provide a safe area for the Truck Mounted Access Platform to work within.

When our client arrived on site first thing this morning, the Traffic Management, Highways Permit and the 70m Truck Mounted Platform were all in place for the client to commence works. The platform was safely elevated providing sturdy access for site personnel to complete the repair/installation of the missing cladding tiles.

With the job now complete, the road and footpath beneath the damaged area of the building was reopened to the public thanks to a speedy response from both Blade Access and our Client.

Another job well done!!

Details of the 70m Truck Mounted Platform used for these works can be found here: 


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