70m Truck Mounted Access Platform hire is available throughout the UK. Vehicle Mount Cherry Picker Hire is generally suitable for single days hire, multiple site projects, where higher SWL’s are needed or large height/outreach is required

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For your convenience, this Vehicle Mounted Access Equipment is supplied with a competent IPAF Trained Operator. If required, we can also directly supply IPAF operators who have already been trained and certified to work in your specific industry sector environments.

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Full Specification

Platform Working range

Max. working height 70 m

Max. basket floor height 68 m

Max. horizontal outreach 36 m

Sitting inclination

Jib angle 175°

Work cage

Max work cage size 2.47 x 1.05 x 1.10 m

Platform extension 3.88 m

Max safe working load700 kg

Rotation range2 x 80°

Stowed Dimensions

Weight 32 t

Height in transport position 3.98 m

Length in transport position 13.75 m

Width in transport position 2.55 m

Machine wheelbase 3.680 m

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