Blade Access have a series of Lifting Systems which can be attached to all our Heavy Duty Truck Mounted Access Platforms. All our Lifting equipment is tested, certified and approved by our MEWP manufacturers.

The Blade Powerlift Systems are designed to increase site safety, increase working efficiency and reduce manual lifting duties at height.

With the ability to lift up to 350kg’s outside of the Work Cage, Blade Access have now opened many new practical lifting application possibilities. Our Lifting Systems can negate the requirement for other Plant Equipment on site such as a crane which not only reduces risk, breakdown possibilities and cost but also allows more compact work areas to be utilised.

Whilst we already have many lifting solutions for various industry sectors, our innovation and engineering teams are always pleased to discuss new challenges to help support your working at height projects.

Please contact our Hire Desk Team or your appointed Account Manager for further information

Mobile Telecommunications


Our Lifting Attachment designed for the Telecommunications Sector allows site riggers to lift and manipulate in to position antennas/headframes from the comfort of the work platform.

This lifting solution can be used for installation or decommissioning of equipment up to 300kg’s.

Facade & Glazing


Laminar façade cladding panels and glazing up to 350kg’s can now be easily lifted and installed at height without the requirement for a crane. Fitters can work from the safety of the work platform and not have the concern of large panels or panes being suspended above them.

By also using one piece of plant equipment on site this can also reduce site costs significantly.

OHL Power Transmission


One of our various Lifting Attachments specifically designed for the OHL Power Transmission Sector significantly improves safety and efficiency when manual 6m platforms are to be deployed on to a Transmission Tower. This is of particular benefit when attaching to Deviation Towers.

Another lifting solution we have developed is for the quick and safe deployment of PST’s providing easy access to fittings mid-span. We can safely land the PST at height and then seamlessly transfer personnel in minutes.